Some news

lucy has had a long career!

November 2022 - Lu earned the AMCA's Register of Merit for Rally Obedience (ROM-RAL). To qualify, at least 4 of her offspring must have earned an AKC Rally Advanced title, showing that they can work well enough off lead. GP and Nellie had long ago finished theirs but during AMCA National week, Tuuli finished his RA and Chrome picked up his first two RA legs. Chrome finished his RA 3 weeks later having earned all three legs with high scores and first place!

Summer 2022 - At 14 years of age, Lucy began competing in AKC Scent work. She earned her Novice Container title (SCN) .

At almost 13 years of age, Lucy finished her Novice Agility Preferred title. She started playing in agility as a senior dog to stay in shape. At nearly 11 she earned her first agility title in UKC and picked up another later that year. She had started her AKC career at 11.5 years but then COVID happened and we lost several months of trialing. She finished the day after Christmas.

At 11.5 years of age Lucy placed 2nd her large class in the Alaskan Malamute Club of America Regional pull and 3rd in the National pull the same week.

At 10.5 years of age Lucy won her class at the Alaskan Malamute Club of America National Specialty Pull in Orlando, FL. She was 2nd in the Regional that same week. She also won High Combined Adv/Exc B at the National Rally trial.

At the 2012 and 2017 Alaskan Malamute Club of America National Specialty weeks, Lucy won her weight class for both the Regional and National weight pulls.

Among Lucy's offspring are weight pull record holders, High Triple Score (rally) winners, High In Trial (obedience) winners, Specialty Winners Dog earner, High Score Preferred (agility), a therapy dog, a few trick dogs, and multiple weight pull winners.