about kita

Our true foundation, despite never having a litter

Without her, the others don't exist as they are known today, some of them never would have existed at all. Neither would the life we lead today. She was truly the beginning...

She loved to show!

A credit to the bloodline from which she comes, Kita placed 3rd in the Working Dog Showcase at the 2002 AMCA National in Sacremento, CA. She scored just 2 points less than the best of breed winner (a cousin) and 1 point behind her littermate sister who was best of opposite.

Good girl

Kita earned her CGC at the 2007 National Specialty She had a really really long day that day so I'm thrilled she did so well!

Veteran Sweeps Best of Opposite!

Just shy of her 10th birthday Miss Kita went Best of Opposite Sex Veteran Sweeps at the Monroe KC show September 2008!!

Every dog on the team serves a purpose:

We snickered a lot about her 'working drive' because she was very, um, independent but when I got lost out on the trail, she was the one to put in lead. She had an uncanny sense of direction and always knew the way back to food and comfort.