Giving a shot at weight pulling


No problem!
Trax is another Top 20 Riser kid!
Trax was bred to our Danica (spring 2009) and we have puppies!  
This breeding produced some nice moving, substantial dogs with excellent temperaments.

Trax is available at stud to approved bitches.
Above:  Waukesha specialty show
Left:  Waukesha Specialty Show July 2009
Below:  2007 Christmas cluster
Trax, like the other Riser kids, inherited a lovely
temperament.  He is an important part of Larry's mostly
male team where all of the boys are intact.  In addition,
Trax is our 'service dog', picking things up for us when
they fall. Call it canine intuition, but he was never
actually trained to do this--he just surprised us one day
and has been doing it ever since!  We expect he too will
pass along the lovely temperament.
Trax and littermate Powder
Wintuk's I Get Around
Ch Staghorn's Sunrise Over Wintuk
Wintuk's Forever True
d.o.b.  8/16/2002

OFA hips: AM-11829G25M-PI        Cerf:  AM-1556