April 1, 1999 ~ May 29, 2010

My shadow, my care giver. She would boss me around. Tell me when I should be going to bed. She slept with us.  Py
was never sick a day in her life.  She was only 11. I thought she would live to be 14 or 15. She was 11 going on 5.

Py finished her Championship with a Specialty Reserve, and a Specialty Best of Winners. She was a breed and Best of
Opposite Winner. Leah would show her at Specialties. She was always pulled for consideration. She had a short dense
working coat. Py won on her structure, balance and movement. She produced one litter of 5. She has three champions
(Danica, Nuka & Shades). The other two are in pet homes, but could get their championships. She and Steele gave
Bonnie & Tom Ryzka their first real sled team. They would borrow Py & Steele to run with their two Mals to give
them a 4 dog team.  Just a generic gray & white bitch with a great pedigree. She touched many lives in a very positive

"The Queen of our Kennel".
Wintuk's Gold Digger