Kisser and Solo, Camp Nicolet
Front to back:
Hasty (Alaskan Husky)
Twist (Alaskan Husky)
Taking out the puppies at Camp Nicolet:
Charger and Grainy lead
Puppy Jazz and Echo in point
Broker and Sharon Kalous' Teezer in wheel
2002 Puppy Team, Camp Nicolet

In Lead:  Alaskans Grainy and Brooke
In Point:  Am/Can/Isr Ch Storm Kloud's Hhere I Am WTDX WLDX WWPD CGC and puppy BVIS Storm Kloud's As Good As
In Team:  Ed and Donna Kolterman's puppy girls Willow (littersister to Ch Wind's Fury Jacob Trailblazer) and Libby
Next In Team:  puppies (littermates) Ch Wintuk's I Get Around and Ch Wintuk's Iditarod Dream'n
In Wheel:  Cash Son, Storm Kloud's Bbaron WWPDX and Mark Eckert's Dancer
Leader:  Ch Storm Kloud's Kkiss 'N Kill WWPDX WTDA WLD
Wheel:  Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's Rrising Market WWPDX WTD ROM-WD
Kisser and Broker are full siblings
Leaders:  Twist and Hasty
Broker and Echo
Team:  Little Bear and Charger
Wheel:  Kisser and Lance
Lead: Rogue, Am/Can Ch Roudy Reflects Storm Kloud WLD WTD WWPD and
Deeters, Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's Give-um Hhell WLD WTD WWPD
Point: Kipp, BIS BISS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's Keep The Win WWPDX WTD WLD  ROM and
Viking BIS BISS Am/Can/Asian Ch Storm Kloud's Vvanilla Snoman WWPD WTD CD ROM ROM-WD
Wheel: Luke, BIS BISS Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's Better Than Ever WWPD WTD ROM ROM-WDX and
       Mathew, Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's Oomiak WWPDX WTD WLD CD ROM ROM-WDX

Deeters, Kipp, Viking, and Luke are offspring to Mathew
Montana Bootcamp 2010
Glacial Drumlin Trail WTD run
In lead:  Hugs, Ch Storm Kloud's Vventure West WWPDX WTDA WLD
In wheel:  Solo, Ch Storm Kloud's Can Do It Alone WWPX WTDA and
Star, Ch Akeela's Star Quest O' Storm KLD WWPDX WTD
Wisconsin Dells Freight Race
In Lead:
Mathew and Rogue
In Wheel:  
Luke and Viking
At Camp Nicolet

In lead:  Grainy and Charger
In point:  Hugs and Lance
In Team:  Echo and Zoe
In Wheel:  
Kisser and Solo
Andy and Charger
Broker pulls 3000#