"Three sisters"

The Foundation
Russell's Yveti  Rose CD ROM

"Mama Veti"

9-17-1964 to 11-12-1976

Dam of 10 AKC Champions including, 2 Canadian and 1 Mexican Champion

Dam of Winners Dog at the 1970 AMCA National Specialty

Dam of multiple Best In Specialty Show winners and 2 males with Group Placings.  

True to her heritage of survival, she never missed a meal and had several extras due to catching birds and
squirrels and mice in her kennel and chickens through the fence.

Test bred clear for CHD
Timberlane's Heidi Jane ROM



Littersitter to Mama Veti whom I acquired after she killed a litter of newborn pigs.

24", 85#
Cobra of Nipigon ROM

9-17-1964 to 11-1977

Dam of 3 Group placing sons from the same litter

Littersister to Mama Veti whom I acquired from my cousin after she went to a neighbors farm and  killed 30
chickens in less than 4o minutes.  The neighbor went and got his gun but was so fascinated at her efficiency at
killing chickens he timed her instead and then called John and told him to bring his checkbook and come get his
dog.  Within the hour my cousin had called me to see if I wanted her.

24", 80#
Cobra age 9
Age 10
Bear and Veti
Heidi, age 3
An example of how everything happens for a reason...

I thought it might explain why I started with 3 littersisters.  It was never a plan, just coincidence.  

The 3 sisters produced 22 AKC Champions all bred to Bear.