Some of the Cash Kids and
Cash Grandkids...
Top row, (L-R)

Miz--Ch. Storm Kloud's Mmy Last One WTD WTDX, Strider (g-kid)--Winddance's Arctic Storm WWPD, and
Baron--Storm Kloud's Bbaron WWPD WWPDX;  Lucky--Am/Int Ch. Storm Kloud's Bbest Kept Secret WWPD CGC;
Rocky--Ch Storm Kloud's Bboys 'L Be Boys; Sky--Am/Nat/Ehren-B Ch Storm Kloud's Bbest of Gray Sky; Chinook
(g-kid)--Grey Sky's Chinook

2nd row

Strider (g-kid)--Winddance's Arctic Storm WWPD; Thor and Molly (g-kids)--Am/Int Ch. Gray Sky's Call of Thor and
Gray Sky's Classic Design; Moon--VDH DCNH Storm Kloud's Hharvest Moon; Jammer (g-kid) Storm Kloud's Xxtra
Edition WWPD WWPDX; Lacy--Ch Sno Quest's Worthmor Than Gold ROM; Isaac (g-kid)--Ch Illusions of Ice at Sno
Shire WTD ROM; Trix--Ch. Storm Kloud's Xpect my Trix WWPD

3rd row

Hope--Storm Kloud's Kkreating Hope WPD; Willow (g-kid)--Sno Quest's a Dream Come True; CASH; Mariah
(g-kid)--Gray Sky's Cruel Wind Mariah; Peri (g-kid)--Storm Kloud's Xxplosive Force WWPD

4th row

Hugs (g-kid)--Ch Storm Kloud's Vventure West WWPDX WTDA WLD; Hercules--Ch Sno Quest's Sound Investment
WWPDX; Wookie (g-kid)--Vindicator's Mischief Maker WWPDX WPD; Cash and Rocky

5th row

Kita--Storm Kloud's Kkrazy Cheyenne WWPD WPD WTD CGC; Kisser--Ch. Storm Kloud's Kkiss N Kill WTDA
WWPDX WLD; Timber--Ch. Storm Kloud's Ffantstk Voyage WPD; Rio--Ch. Storm Kloud's Rrio de Dinero WWPDX;
Broker--Ch. Storm Kloud's Rrising Market  WWPDX WTDA
Ch Storm Kloud Kkiss 'N Kill


Cash x Andy, 10/31/1998

2nd and BOS in the 2002 AMCA Working
Dog Showcase
Ch Storm Kloud's Kking Of My
Heart WTD


Cash x Andy, 10/31/1998

Winners dog at the 2000 AMCA
Regional Specialty, National week
Ch Storm Kloud's Ffantstk Voyage


Cash x Andy, 8/3/1997
Port Ch. Storm Kloud's Ffire


Cash x Andy, 8/3/1997

#1 All Breeds In Portugal
Storm Kloud's Kkrazy Cheyenne


Cash x Andy, 10/31/1998

3rd in the 2002 AMCA Working Dog
Showcase, BOS Veteran Sweeps Winner
from the 10-12 year old class
Age 10
Ch. Storm Kloud's Rrio De
Dinero WWPDX


Cash x Andy, 8/8/2000

Top weight puller.  Sire to top weight
Ch. Storm Kloud's Rrising Market


Cash x Andy, 8/8/2000

Top weight puller, group placer, BOS
Veteran Sweeps at the Regional Specialty
for the 2010 National Week from the
10-12 year old class. Sire to champions.
Ch Storm Kloud's Xpect My


Cash x Andy, 5/29/1996
Can BIS Ch Byeyo's Canadian Ice


Cash x Byeyo's Champagne 'N Ice,
Ch Sno Quest's Sound Investment


Cash x Ch Storm Kloud's Mm'Lady Ava,

National weight pull winner, top puller.  
Sire to champions.
Ch. Sno Quest's Worthmor Than
Gold ROM


Cash x Ch Storm Kloud's Mm'Lady
Ava, 3/7/2002

Dam to many champions, BIS winners
in the US and abroad
Am/Int Ch Storm Kloud's Bbest
Kept Secret CGC


Cash x Christie, 2/12/1997

Group Winner, placer.  Top 20 special
Am/Can Ch Storm Kloud's
Bboys 'L Be Boys


Cash x Christie, 2/12/1997

Group winner and placer.  Top 20
Am/Can/Aus Ch.Storm Kloud's
Ees Kyra's Boy WWPD WTD


Cash x Miz, 7/28/1997
Am/Ger Ch Storm Kloud's
Hharvest Moon C.V.


Cash x Christie, 7/15/1998
BIS BISS Pol/Rus/Int.Ch. Storm
Kloud's Hhudson Icy Wind ROM


Cash x Christie, 7/15/1998

Sire of many champions in Europe and
Port Ch. Storm Kloud's Rroyal


Cash x Andy, 8/8/2000
Ch Storm Kloud's New Grand


Cash x Echo, 4/30/2009
Ch Storm Kloud's North Wind
Starr CGC


Cash x Echo, 4/30/2009
Storm Kloud's Bbaron WWPDX


Cash x Christie, 2/12/1997
Additional but not pictured:

Polish Ch. Storm Kloud's Son of Snow

Ch. Storm Kloud's Next to Lead