Beamer, Kita, Vinnie, Ike after a run, Spring 2007.
The group Howl:  Vinnie, Ike, & Bella sing while Travis
and Wookie check things out.  Spring 2006
The family sleeps:  Bella and one of her sons (Ike?) in Winter of
The Northern breed  Snoopy:  Vinnie likes to perch on dog houses, this one an inflatable igloo.  
Beamer and Kita stay grounded.   2007
AMCA Regional and National 2006, Knoxville TN
Travis, Ike, Vinnie, Bella.
Check their individual pages for their accomplishments that week!
The family in the backyard: Mom Bella, Buster, and
(nekkid!) Big brother
Vinnie in the foreground, Amy
Layla play behind mom. Spring, 2007
Hanging out with the horsies next door:  Amy, Ike, Vinnie, and Bella  
House dogs, Summer 2005:  Bella, Kita, Pup Ike, Pup Vinnie, and Beamer in the back
After a swim, summer 2005:  Beamer, Kita, Bella, Vinnie, Ikey.
December 1, 2009
The pack, left to right:  Ikey, Beamer, Lucy, Kita, Bumper, Vinnie, and Bella
Buncha dogs:
Far back is Bella with puppy Bumper, by the fan is Ikey with brother
Vinnie yawning, Lucy is by puppy Gracie, Kita's in front.