February 2011

26th:  Gracie was WB and Amateur Owner Handler BOB as well as an AOH Group 4!

January 2011

28th & 29th:  Gracie takes WB/BOW back to back days at the Grayslake shows

November 2010

7th:  Both Bumper and Gracie earn their final WWPD legs!

October 2010

23-31st:  AMCA National and Regional, Denver CO.  Lucy earns 3 Rally Advanced legs
and her Rally Advanced title with a 2nd place in Iowa on the way there and 1st place
at both the Regional and the National!  Ikey was 2nd place in the competitive 61-80#
class at both the Regional and National.  Bumper was 2nd in Regional Sweeps 15-18mo
class and 2nd in the National 15-18mo class.  

August 2010

29th:  Bumper takes Winners for his first Major at the Elgin show!  Gracie was Reserve

28th:  Gracie takes Winners and Best of Opposite at the Elgin show

15th:  Gracie won her first AKC points by going BOW at the Racine show

2nd:  Bumper won his first AKC points by going BOW at the Elkhorn show

July 2010

31st:  Bumper won his 12-15mo sweeps class and regular class, Bella won the                    
working bitch class and brood bitch class, and Gracie won the 12-15 regular            class
in the Wisconsin Specialty

18th:  Lucy completes her UKC Championship, Bumper takes his 2nd competition              

June 2010

26th:  Buster completes his UKC Championship

May 2010

3rd:  Buster, Amy, and Layla turn 3!

15th:  Lucy completed her WPD title, Bumper started his.

21st:  Bumper and Gracie turn 1!

April 2010

10th:  At the AMCW awards banquet:  Buster finished the 2009-2019 weight pull                 
season out in 3rd place for the 81-100# class.  Vinnie was 3rd and Ikey was             4th in
the 61-80# class.  

17-18th:  Bark River UKC club Agility trials:  Ikey earned 3 first placements and   
3                   legs to complete his UAG1 title!

24th-25th:  Lucy completed her WWPDX title placing second and third in her
class,                     earning the last two legs for her title

29th:  Lucy and Avalanche turn 2!

March 2010

15th:  Bella turns 8!

21st:  LDC weight pull Buster placed a respectable 5th of 22 in the 81-100# class

27th:  Kewaskum pull Layla was 3rd place, Ikey was 4th in the 61-80# class.                       
Buster was 2nd place in the 81-100# class

30th:  Ikey, Vinnie, Travis, Dash, and Mack turn 5!

February 2010

27-28:  Blitzen agility trial at the International KC show Ikey earned his first legs
in             Novice FAST and Novice Standard Preferred (1st place!).  Layla finished
her             Novice FAST title and earned her first leg in Open Standard.  Travis
earned               his first leg in Open Standard as well as Open FAST.  In the IKC
show                         Sunday Lucy won the Bred-By Class.

January 2010

24th:  Janboree pull Vinnie was 2nd and Ikey was 4th out of 17 in the 61-80# class.

December 2009

5th:  AMCW Mukwonago Weight Pull.  Ikey placed 3rd in the 61-80# class, Lucy        
earned a WWPDA leg, Buster earned an extra WWPDX leg.

November 2009

21-22:  Fennville, MI weight pulls.  Buster earned his 5th WWPDX leg, Lucy earned   
her second and third WWPDX legs.  Ikey tied for top weight pulled on             
Saturday out of the 61-80# class, the dog he tied with was the 81-100#         
class winner.  Ikey also took Top % pulled that day.  Sunday Ikey again        
won his class but by just 0.03 seconds over half sister Layla.  Layla took      
Top % pulled honors.  Travis tied for top weight pulled out of the 81-100#     

27-28:  Winnegamie KC agility trials.  Travis completed his Agility Novice FAST title
(NF), Layla earned her first two Novice FAST legs, and completed her            
Standard Novice title (NA).

October 2009

4th:  AMCW Friends of Nature Menomonee Falls, WI weight pull:  Vinnie was 4th in   
the 61-80# class

11th:  AMCW Friends of Nature Slinger, WI weight pull:  Ikey was 3rd in the 61-80#   
class and Vinnie was 4th.  Lucy earned her 2nd WWPD leg

17-18th:  Fennville, MI weight pulls:  Lucy earned her 3rd WWPD leg and  her first     
WWPDX leg.  Buster earned his 3rd and 4th WWPDX legs.  Bella came        
back out to pull for the first time in a long time!

25th:  Leesburg, VA Rally Trial, Lucy participated in her first Novice Rally trial and   
qualified, placing 4th.  She'd never done Rally outdoors so this was a new      
challenge on top of it being her first trial.  

25th-27th:  AMCA Regional Specialty Show, Obedience/Rally Trials, and Weight        
pulls.  Gettysburg PA.  At the Historic Weight Pull Lucy completed her    
WWPD title and Layla completed her WWPDX title, placing 4th.  Bella      
was 2nd place in her weight class.  In Rally, Lucy qualified again,            
earning her 2nd leg toward her title AND she won her class.  Ikey won    
his weight class, the 4th time in his weight pull career, leaving him still
undefeated in Regional competition.  

28th-31st:  AMCA National Specialty Show, Obedience/Rally/Agility Trials, and          
Weight pull, Gettysburg, PA.  In Rally Lucy once again qualified, this       
time with a score of 99 and another first place, completing her Rally       
Novice (RN) title.  In the weight pulls, Ikey was 3rd place in the 61-80#   
class.  While this is his lowest placement at a National pull, I can't          
complain because he'd endured a rigorous schedule all week.  Sunday  
they pulled, Monday they were off, Tuesday he pulled and won,               
Wednesday he ran Agility for 3 runs, and then Thursday they were           
pulling again.  His nails were nearly worn to the quicks.  Bella again       
was 2nd place in her weight class.  In agility, Travis earned the first leg  
of his Novice FAST title.  Layla completed her Novice Agility Jumpers     
(NAJ) title there!  It was Ikey's first trial.  In FAST we knocked a bar on a
crucial jump so no Q there.  In Standard we were two seconds too slow   
for a Q--he popped out of the weaves twice, balked to sit on the pause     
table, and when he did both the tire and broad jump in succession on      
the course, I celebrated inside, got momentarily lost, cursed in front of    
the stats table, picked back up and we finished well.  Jumpers was          
going well til Ikey didn't watch coming over a jump and there was a          
collision.  He crashed into the jump--a shame because he'd done the        
weaves perfectly and was probably on good time  and all we had left       
was the jump chute at the end.  Better luck next time!  Lucy was 3rd in   
her Sweepstakes class.

more will be added soon!
September 2011

24th:  Sheboygan Kennel Club Shows and Rally Trial.  Gia took
Winners Reserve Bitch from the puppy class and Bumper was 1st
place in Rally Novice B with a perfect score (100) for his first Q at
his first trial!  

10-11th:  Gracie was Winners Bitch for her final major at the
Kenosha KC shows, earning us our firshome-bred AKC
Championship.  On Sunday she ventured into the Specials ring for
the first time and picked up a 4 point major toward her Grand
Championship by going Select Bitch for a competition win.

August 2011

27th:  Gracie picks up the final competition win for her UKC
Championship by taking Best Female.

July 2011

8-10:  Ikey picked up another Qualifying leg toward his Novice
FAST Preferred and Novice Standard Preferred titles.  Just one leg
to go in each!

15-17:  Friday Gracie was Best of Breed, Best of Winners, and
Winners Bitch at Blackhawk KC.  Saturday she took Winners Bitch
and Best of Opposite Sex at Kishwaukee Valley KC.  Sunday she
did the same at Kishwaukee KC II.  

29th:  AMCW Specialty show, Gracie was Winners Bitch and Best
of Winners for a 5 point major!  Bumper was 2nd place, half in
coat, in a competitive Bred By class the other two days of the

June 2011

30th:  Lucy's puppies are born!  3 boys, 1 girl.  All happy and

May 2011

14th:  Ikey wins his class at the Iron Dog Weight pull at Starved
Rock.  He also earns his IDWP1 and IDWP2 titles.  Bella was 4th in
that class and also earned her IDWP1 and IDWP2 titles.  Both
earned points toward their IronDog Weight Pull Championship

April 2011

Ikey earns Top % Alaskan Malamute and 2nd place for the
2010-2011 AMCW season!

Lucy is bred to Monty, SnoQuest's For The Holy Grail, and is
expecting 4 puppies!
December 2011

9-10th:  At the Christmas Cluster dog shows (Starved Rock and
Skokie Valley) Gracie was Select Bitch both days picking up 5
Grand Champion points, including her second major.

November 2011

26th:  At the Amalapac pulls, Ikey set a NEW AMALAPAC record as
well as a new personal best for his top weight pulled and top
percentage pulled at 3368# and 40x his body weight.  Lucy also set
a new personal best at 2338# and 37x her body weight.  Gracie
picked up her 4th WWPDX leg and Pinkers, at her second weight
pull, picked up her first WWPDX leg.  

19-20th:  At the Amalapac pulls, Saturday Gracie won her class,
took Top weight pulled, AND Top percentage pulled.  She and
Bumper earned WWPDX legs--the 2nd and 3rd for her, the 1st and
2nd for him.  Pinkers, at her first weight pull, earned a WWPD leg.  

October 2011

AMCA Regional and National Specialty week!  "The Layla Show!"

Regional Weight Pull Results:  61-80# class, 30 dogs entered.  
1st: Layla, 2507#;  5th:  Gracie, 2006# (1st WWPDX leg);   8th:
Vinnie, 1838#;   9th: Bella, 1838#,  10th:  Lucy, 1838# (all separated
by time);  15th:  Bumper, 1670.   
81-100# class, 34 dogs entered.  3rd:
Ikey, 2837# (went out at 3000#, having pulled it most of the way);
5th: Travis, 2672#;  18th:  Buster, 2006#

Regional Agility Results:  In Novice Preferred, Ikey dropped the
last bar with the toenails on his back feet (triple jump) and NQ'd but
otherwise the run was great.  Layla, took an Open Standard Agility
24" Q for 1st Place.

Regional Rally Results:  In Excellent A, Lucy was 2nd place with
a score of 80 for her first Excellent Q.  In Novice B, class of 11, Ikey
was 2nd with a score of 91 for his first Q and Bumper was 4th for his
second Q.

National Weight Pull Results:  61-80# class, 27 entered.  1st:  
Layla, 2336#;  8th:  Bella, 1934#;  9th:  Vinnie, 1934#;  10th:  
Bumper, 1934#; 14th: Gracie, 1532#;  17th:  Lucy, 1331#  81-100#
class, 33 entered.  3rd:  Ikey, 2537#; 6th:  Travis, 2336#.  

National Agility Trial:  Layla earned an Open Jumpers with
Weaves Agility 24" Q,  1st Place

National Rally Trial:  In Excellent A, Lucy was 1st place for her
second Q with a score of 86.  In Novice B, a class of 11, Ikey was 3rd
place with a score of 96 for his second Q.  Bumper earned his third Q
with a score of 95 (edged out of 4th based on time) to earn his new
October 2012

AMCA Regional and National week
Lucy won the 61-80# class at both the Regional and National weight
Ikey earned his final two legs toward his Novice Jumpers Preferred
(NJP) title, earning High Score Preferred at the National trial
Bumper earned two Novice FAST Preferred legs at the agility trials
Bumper earned his final Rally Advanced leg to complete his title at
the National trial
Pinkers was 4th place out of 20 in a competitive Bred By Exhibitor
class at the National
We got Ivy!

August 2012

27th:  Lucy picks up her first major at an AKC show

We added Copper to the pack

13th:  Our worst day.  We lost Bella to cancer :(  Our house will never
be the same, it is the end of an era.

11th:  Bumper picks up his second major at an AKC show.  7 points to

July 2012

5th:  Ikey completed his Novice Standard Preferred Agility Title (NAP)

April 2012

24th:  Lucy completed her Rally Excellent title.  Ikey completed his
Rally Novice title.

February 2012

IKC show:  Lucy picks up more points

January 2012

Grayslake show: Lucy picks up her first AKC points
January 2013

Gracie goes Best of Opposite Sex from the Working Bitch class at the
Minnesota specialties for her final major toward her Grand
Championship.  This leaves her needing just two points needed for
her Grand Championship.

December 2012

Ivy twice takes Reserve to the Majors at the Chicago Christmas
Cluster Shows

November 2012

Layla and Lucy shock us all by pulling 4,000# at the Michigan pulls,
setting a new record for that location for a malamute of either sex.  
These girls are 78 and 79# respectively
May 2013

Pinkers earns her UKC Championship!

April 2013

Another successful weight pull season:  In the 61-80# class, 1st place
goes to Layla, 3rd place goes to Gia, and 4th place goes to Gracie!  In
the 81-100# class, 1st place goes to Ikey!  In the 101-120# class 3rd
place goes to Buster!  Layla also did us proud by taking Top Weight
Pulled Malamute at 3,010# AND Top Percentage Pulled Malamute
(37.64 times her body weight) for the 2012-2013 weight pull season.

Bumper and Lucy complete their second WTD legs while Ivy and
Copper earn their first.

Ivy earns her first two WWPD legs at her first weight pull.
October 2014

KIZZY, out of our Monty x Lucy litter, has set the new female weight pull record
in the UK at 2,400#for her 4th WWPDX leg!  This is super neat, LUCY holds a
record in Michigan and her daughter holds a record overseas!  

At the UKC Bark River Kennel Club Rally Trials, BUMPER, LUCY, and IVY
completed their UKC Rally Obedience 1 (U-RO1) titles. Ivy is the first UK born
malamute to earn a Rally Obedience title.

At the Motown Working Alaskan Malamute Club, DUKE, out of the Jacob x
Layla litter,  earned his WWPDX title and took Most Weight Pulled!  JACKSON
out of the same litter earned another WWPDX leg.

September 2014

BUMPER, at the Manitowoc Kennel Club agility trials earned his Open Jumpers
With Weaves Title (OJP) taking first place at that all-breed trial, the only one to
even qualify in Open.  THIS title earns another:  BELLA then becomes the
FIRST in breed history to earn the Agility Register Of Merit (ROM-AG) as 4 of
her kids have earned qualifying agility titles.  We are very pleased to have
earned this!

COPPER earned his Working Pack dog title (WPD) and his first Working Pack
Dog Advanced (WPDA) leg. At the first outing, IVY earned her first WPDA leg as

We have received word that IKEY and BUMPER will be awarded the Versatile
Alaskan Malamute title at the AMCA National Specialty.  We are super proud of
these boys and only wish Ikey was still here to get the hugs he deserves.

August 2014

At the Blitzen Agility trials in Illinois BUMPER earned his Open FAST title

At the Cudahy Kennel Club all breed dog show, IVY earned her first AKC points.

July 2014

At the Waukesha Kennel Club Rally Trials, BUMPER earned the first leg toward
his RAE title and IVY earned the first leg toward her Rally Novice title.  

At the Paper Cities Kennel Club dog shows, LUCY earned two more points
toward her AKC Championship.

At the Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club Agility trials, IVY earned
her Novice Standard title in three straight trials (NAP title).  She is the first
Alaskan Malamute from the UK to earn an agility title.  

May 2014

At the Dairyland Cluster of shows in Jefferson, WI, LUCY earned her first leg
toward her RAE rally title.  BUMPER  completed his Rally Excellent (RE) title.  
March 2017

NELLIE and IVY competed in the Winnegamie KC agility trials early in the month and whoa was it
successful!  7 out of 8 runs resulted in a "Q"!  Beyond that, both girls placed very well in their 6 dog
classes.  NELLIE earned her first two legs in Novice Jumpers Preferred and in both cases placed 2nd.  
She earned her first Novice FAST Preferred leg for 4th place and earned her final two legs in Novice
Standard Preferred with matching 2nd placements to complete her Novice Agility Preferred (NAP)
title.  IVY only competed in FAST.  She earned her final two legs in Novice FAST Preferred (NFP) to
complete her title, placing 2nd in both!  

February 2017

At the Bark River Dog Club UKC Rally trials, BUMPER earned his RO3 title with his final two legs
being 1st placements with scores of 99.  NELLIE earned his RO1 title with her final two legs being a
100+ (2nd place) and 96.  

January 2017

NELLIE earned her first agility title at the Bark River Dog Club UKC trials.  Her placements were 1st,
2nd, and 1st in AG1 with her 1st placements being clean runs.  Her cousin Quinn was 2nd, 1st, and
2nd in his respective runs in the same class to earn his AG1.  BUMPER earned 2 of his needed 3 legs
for AG2 and will hopefully complete that in April.  

October 2016

We did very well at the AMCA National and Regional Specialty held in Colorado Springs, CO!

BUMPER earned his final Rally Advanced Excellent title (RAE), qualifying him for the AKC's Rally
National Championship to be held in Perry, GA in March 2017--and yes, we're going!  He took 3rd
and 4th in the classes for the National and 2nd (score:  99 out of 100) and 4th in the Regional.  On the
way to Colorado, we hit a trial in Missouri where BUMPER took High Combined Score at the all-breed
trial.  We are very proud of BUMPER's achievements!

NELLIE earned her final Rally Novice (RN) leg at the Regional for 2nd place in a large class.  Her
scores qualified her for the AKC's Rally National Championship for 2017 but sadly we didn't get in
because her class filled on the first day it opened for entries.  She wasn't done though, in the National
weight pull she took 1st place in the 60# and under to become our third dog to win a weight class at a
National specialty pull.  She also earned a WWPDX leg in winning that class.  

IVY had a busy week.  She was 2nd place in the large Open bitch class for the Regional under breeder
judge Cheryl Paterson.  She WON her weight class (61-80#) for the Regional specialty weight pull.  
She pulled 30.89 times her body weight.  In the National pull, she was 2nd in that weight class but
took home a Brockway trophy because she earned Top Body Percentage pulled at 32.94 times her
body weight.  IVY is our second dog to earn Top Body Percentage at a National pull.  She was 2nd
place in the Working Bitch class for the National and competed in the Working Dog Showcase.

LUCY was the epitome of 'consistency' in the weight pulls, earning 4th place in both the Regional and
National for the 61-80# class.  She was one of the older competitors at 8.5 years and pulled 27.68
times her body weight.

CHROME competed in the puppy classes at his first Regional.  He was 2nd in the 9-12mo class under
breeder judge Cheryl Paterson and 4th in the same class for Puppy Sweeps under breeder judge
Cindy Neely.  

LAYLA also had a big week.  On the way to the 'Springs, we competed in the same Rally trial we'd
done with BUMPER.  Now, Layla doesn't live here and other than about 10 minutes in my kitchen the
night before we left, I've never worked her in obedience.  Her primary owner, Dustin, has done
obedience games with her though her whole life.  At 9.5 years of age, LAYLA proved you really can
teach an old dog new tricks.  I had to teach her a couple moves she didn't yet know and into the ring
we went.  She shocked me by earning a 99 out of 100 in her first trial, earning 2nd place in the
all-breed Novice class.  In the Regional, she took 3rd behind NELLIE with a score of 94.  In the
National, she was again 3rd place to complete her Rally Novice (RN) title.  Not only did she do that,
she also qualified for the AKC's Rally National Championship like NELLIE and BUMPER.  She's not
going, her class filled on day 1 just like happened with NELLIE but it's an honor having earned that.  
LAYLA's week didn't stop there though.  She was 2nd place in the Regional weight pull 81-100# class,
having come straight off the couch.  I am not her normal handler and I had no voice because I was
sick but LAYLA knows her job.  In the National, we literally completed our RN run and then had to
run outside to the weight pull.  She was 4th in her class in the weight pull because I got 'pass happy'
and passed one too many but I'm very proud of her performance.  She was one of the two oldest dogs
in the pull and she was tough as ever.  She pulled 32.55 times her body weight in the Regional.  Over
30 times their body weight is not terribly common in that weight class.  

GP earned his first two WWPDX legs in the Regional and National weight pulls and narrowly beat out
his mother LUCY in the Regional pull for 3rd place in the 61-80# class.  He pulled 25.95 times his
body weight and set a new personal best.  

COPPER earned his first WWPDX leg in the National pull and pulled a new personal best.  
Bumper in Rally
GP weight pulling
Vinnie the Mascot at Garden of the Gods
Layla and Bumper after their Rally
trial on the way out.
Nellie and Bumper's new Rally titles!
April 2018

April 6, 2018  *NEW* Excellent FAST Preferred (XFP) for Bumper! Our very first Excellent title in agility! At the Oshkosh
Kennel Club trial he had a dream run in Excellent FAST. We had an NQ in JWW but it was just the weave entrance, which
has been a problem in trials (as has been our start line stay. Solid in class but in a trial, I leave and hear 'tink!' of the timer
and best get running) The rest of the run is decent. I was so afraid he would tunnel-suck since you run right at it twice when
the dog shouldn't go in. NQ or not, still had a great time.

Bumper is AG2 RO3 AKC/UKC CH Powderhound's Silver Lining WWPDX WTD WPD RM RAE OAP OJP XFP CGCA CGCU
TKN VAM AAAM out of Pfalkor x Bella. He will be 9 next month.
HE CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL..again.....Chrome picked up his second Novice FAST leg today at the Oshkosh
Kennel Club Spring (ha ha, "spring") agility trial. It was a BEAUTIFUL run and we over-achieved by picking up 60 points.
We needed 50. He was on fire, finishing in just 17.5 seconds. Once he hit the jump chute, it was warp speed time. I was "ugly
running" to catch him but he smoked me. If I had been sitting in the crowd and saw him hurtling at me, I would have been
concerned because he didn't slow at the finish but rather skidded in sideways, hitting the ring barrier softly and taking down
the leash holder-thing. I know they don't calculate yards per second (YPS) in FAST but I was curious: 4 YPS. He's only a a
Novice dog so that's a little intimidating to me. 1st place for Chromie!

April 7, 2018 Day 2 of our agility weekend: Not even a little bit as fruitful as yesterday's runs but that happens. Bumper was
the first to run. One of my instructors had commented in the past couple weeks about big dogs and weave poles and the
difference between them being taped down and not: these guys aren't accustomed to the different feel and boy did that hurt
us. Bumper's Jumpers run wasn't bad aside from the weaves problem. He's routinely blowing by the entrance in trials but not
in class.  Same with his start line stays, he blows those in trials as well and not often in class. It was so fun getting to work that
kind of distance though in a trial situation. His Standard run, well, watch the video sometime. All was going well until we hit
the weaves, which he ran past and then he came to the table, ran past, came back to it, and then he sat in front of it.  The
judge asked me if I was done...I should say so unless they'll let me tag in with another dog! To be fair, he's had some tummy
troubles this weekend and maybe wasn't feeling just right because I was otherwise at a loss for him sitting like that.

Nellie was up next in Standard: ya know, it really wasn't bad. She's my "Daisy Picker". Like a small child in little league, she
sometimes forgets what sport we're playing. I can't put her in a sit at the start line because she stays. I mean, like the long sit
in obedience stays and I have to come back from the lead out. There's this moment like "Oh! Fancy seeing you here!" so after
it happened a couple times, I don't try it anymore. All things considered, I'm very happy with her runs. This dog didn't have
the speed for me to rear cross last summer and look at her now.

Last but not least, Chromie. I am REALLY having fun with the giant loping "puppy". In Standard, he really was
discombobulated by the weaves not feeling like they normally do. The rest of the run had some good points and others, he
was the Wrecking Ball. In Jumpers, it was the last run of the day, about 11 hours after we'd left the house in the morning. He
was TIRED. He pulled "a Nellie" at the start though, I put him in a stay and lead out, called him.....nothing. Oh crap. But then
he snapped out of it. I'm so pleased that I was able to get him through the weaves. For those not familiar, in Novice, you're
allowed 3 attempts at them without penalty other than the time you're eating away. The rest of the run was quite good
though I can see how tired he is in the video. BUT it was a Q! His second in Jumpers. Perfect score, and despite the weave
bobble, he still came in at 37.72 seconds (SCT was 45 seconds) with a 3.0 YPS! Not bad, not bad under the circumstances. 1 Q
for 6 runs isn't good but I find positives in knowing that we did improve very much over some of our past performances. Our
problems are fixable. And we still had fun. :)

April 14, 2018  We had a great day at the Bark River Dog Club UKC agility trial. Ivy was back to agility after quite a while off
and she earned her first AG2 leg and 1st place! Chrome earned his 3rd AG1 leg to complete his title! 1st place, perfect score!
Chromie is AG1 U-CH Powderhound N ArcticThunder's Light 'Em Up WWPD WPD

April 15, 2018 Fun at the Cudahy KC "Spring" (second winter?) Rally trials. Bumper got a 96 for 2nd place in Masters, a 93
for 3rd place in Excellent (got lost on the double about turn), and 98 for 1st place in Advanced to earn his 5th leg toward his
RAE2 and his 4th Triple Q toward his RACH. For the icing, he earned another High Combined Triple Score!

Copper came along to the trial as well and was 1st in Advanced A with a score of 92. This was his second Advanced leg.

April 21 at the Car-Dun-Al All-Breed rally trials, Bumper took both High Triple Q AND High Combined for Rally Advanced
and Excellent!

March 2018

"HE CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL... Arnica and Aleve: My True Life Story of Front Crosses Gone Wrong and
Misplaced Trust"

March 3, we went to the Novice-only agility trial up at Winnegamie Dog Club at Menasha with CHROME and NELLIE. In
CHROME's first run, Jumpers with Weaves, all was well until I went to do a front cross between 6 and 7.  I made my cross
and as I planted my feet and turned, 85# of hurtling, leaping, Malamute crashes into my planted leg, bending it back and
stopping him cold. I assumed he would turn like a normal dog. I managed to stay upright somehow but I felt my knee bend a
bit too much. I actually hate front crosses because the forces are hard on a knee. See, the point of a front cross is to indicate a
change of direction. That only works if the dog is watching. I thought the judge yelled 'fault' and NQd me but given we
qualified and got first place, it could also have been 'OW!' Hard to tell because the crowd was still hissing 'ouch' in sympathy.
She did hit me 5 points for it but it's his first Q and I don't care. And there's a reason his nickname is 'Wrecking Ball'.

Run 2 was Novice Standard. This was a really nice run until he knocked a bar and NQ'd. He did a great send to the table and
was charging like a freight train so I can't be mad.

Run 3: NELLIE's turn. She has her Novice Standard and Jumpers so she just needed FAST. It was a perfect run and we were
way over the requisite 50 points and 15 seconds under time! I'm so proud of her! She took 1st place and completed her title!
Nellie is then AG1 RO1 Powderhound's Over And Over Again WWPDX WPD RA NAP NJP NFP.

Run 4: CHROME's turn in FAST. I had planned the same path we had done with NELLIE. After the send is where I saw the
furry wrecking ball hurtling toward me again and had to move or get plowed again. This resulted in an on-the-fly change of
plan. I meant to send him over the 9pt jump but then got nervous about our time and just sent him to the finish. I needn't
have worried, he was still 8 seconds under time for his first FAST Q. He took 2nd place behind his sister. Only one other dog

75% Q rate today? I'll take it absolutely.

February 2018

The first weekend of the month, we went down to Car-Dun-Al Training Club's rally trial where Bumper earned his third
Triple Q.  The next weekend, I took Chrome to the Bark River Dog Club agility trial and picked up another AG1 leg and a first
placement!  The following two days, Chrome competed in conformation to pick up 4 competition wins and 100 points to
complete his UKC Championship!  Additionally, he took back-to-back Group 1s on the first day and back-to-back Group 2s
the second day.

January 2018

WE DID IT!  At the Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club Rally Trials, Bumper became the FIRST Rally Masters
titled Malamute in the breed by earning legs 9 and 10!  Lucy earned legs 5 and 6 toward her RAE title.  At the end of the
month, we started our Rally Championship Journey at the Janesville-Beloit Rally Trial.  We earned our first two Triple Qs
and some points toward the RACH.  In the second trial that day, Bumper also earned High Triple Qualifier, having the highest
combined score for all three runs.  

Bumper, Ivy, Lucy, and Gracie all earned AKC Achiever dog certificates.  It's a pilot program to recognize dogs who
participate in multiple AKC events.  

At the Minooka weight pull, Lucy's sons Bear and Tuuli finished their Working Weight Pull Dog titles!  Lucy won the 61-80#
class, Nellie was 3rd and Ivy was 4th.  In the 81-100# class,Tuuli was 4th in a competitive class, followed by his half-brother
GP, and full brother Bear in 5th and 6th.  

December 2017

Mukwonago Midnight Magic pull:  In the 61-80# class, Lucy came in 2nd in a large class of 23, pulling 3,170#!  Ivy was 3rd in
the class.  

Early in the month, Bumper went to the Christmas Cluster to compete in the Rally Masters class.  The first day, he scored a
97 for 2nd place.  The second day, he was the sole qualifier with a score of 80, 1st place.  The third day he was again first
place with a score of 89.  The next weekend, we went to Oshkosh and he earned his 6th leg with a score of 94 for 2nd place.
Late December, Bumper competed at the Cudahy KC Rally trials and earned Rally Masters legs 7 and 8 with scores of 100
(1st place!) and a 76.

November 2017

Bumper started his journey toward the Rally Masters title at the WWCDTC trials.  In his first trial, he scored a 92 and placed
4th in a sizeable class.  In the second trial, he scored a 95 for 2nd place again in a sizeable class.   Copper also had Rally fun
that day, completing his Rally Novice title in style:  Score of 95, 2nd place in a sizeable class, and his overall scores qualified
him for the AKC Rally National Championship to be held in 2018!  He is the SIXTH dog of our breeding to earn this honor.  
Since he finished at the first trial, I bumped him up into Advanced A and Mr. Consistency picked up another score of 94!  

October 2017

The AMCA National and Regional were huge for us as usual.
Lucy:  WON the 61-80# class for both the Regional and National weight pulls.  This is not the first time she's accomplished
this feat having done it before in 2012.  She is the 3rd of our breeding to win their weight class at both the Regional and
National weight pull in the same week.  She also picked up two more RAE legs, with an 85 in Excellent B and 94 in Advanced
B (4th place) in the Regional and a 95 in Excellent B (2nd place out of 11!) and 96 in Advanced B in the National.  She also
earned the Urban Canine Good Citizen title and with both GP and Nellie completing their WWPDX titles at the Regional pull,
she completed her ROM-WDX!  
Bumper:  Bumper competed but didn't need any RAE legs.  In the Regional in Excellent B he earned a score of 92 for 2nd
place.  In the National, he scored an 87 in Excellent B and a 99 for 1st place in Advanced B!  He completed his Urban Canine
Good Citizen title as well as his Trick Dog Novice title.  In the National Agility trial, he earned his first Excellent Jumpers
Preferred leg and his second Excellent FAST Preferred leg, both with first placements.  He was 2nd in Working Dog for both
the Regional and the National.
Ivy:   In the Regional pull, Ivy came in 2nd to Lucy in the 61-80# class.  She started her RAE journey at the National,
earning a 95 in Advanced B and a 92 for 4th place of 11 in Excellent B.  That week, she also completed her Canine Good
Citizen, her Community Canine, and her Urban Canine Good Citizen titles, along with her Trick Dog Novice.  
GP:  GP earned his final WWPDX leg at the Regional weight pull.  He also completed his Community Canine title.
Nellie:  At the Regional weight pull, Nellie completed her WWPDX title.  In the National Agility trial, she earned her second
Open Jumpers Preferred leg and took 1st place.  
Copper:  At the National Rally trial, Copper earned a score of 97 in Novice B.  He also earned his WWPDA title.
Gracie:  Gracie earned her Trick Dog Novice.

September 2017

At the Forest City Dog Training club Rally Trial, Copper earned his fist Rally Novice leg with a score of 98, good enough for
2nd place!

Chrome earned his Working Pack Dog (WPD) title!

At the Bark River Dog Club UKC Agility trial, Chrome earned his first AG1 leg!

At the Doberman club agility trial, Nellie earned her second Novice FAST Preferred leg.

August 2017

At the Blitzen Agility trials in McCook, IL, Nellie earned her first and second Open Standard legs and one Open Jumpers leg.
All first placements.  

July 2017

At the WWCDTC summer agility trials,  Nellie earned her Novice Jumpers Preferred title!  

June 2017

At the Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Rally trial, Nellie scored an 86 for first place in Advanced A.  At the Western
Waukesha County Dog Training Club Rally trial the next day, she scored a 99 for 1st place to complete her Advanced title!

April 2017

Bumper competed at the Oshkosh agility trials.  He earned his first Excellent FAST Preferred leg and completed his Open
Standard Preferred title!  

The weekend before that, Bumper competed in the Bark River Dog Club Agility trial in Ixonia and completed his AG2 title.   

The girls were not to be left out:  At the Fond Du Lac rally trials, Nellie started her journey to her Rally Advanced title with a
score of 94 for 2nd place.   Lucy earned another RAE leg.    
December 2018

December 1:  At the AMCW weight pull for the Mukwonago Midnight Magic, we had a great day!  
Nellie won the 61-80# class with a pull of 2,160# for 30.42x her body weight.  3rd place in the class
was Ivy.  In the 81-100# class, Lucy x Ollie son Tuuli was 2nd for his 2nd WWPDX leg and his
littermate, Chromie, was 3rd in the class.  Kota earned her first title in anything by completing her
WWPD for a new personal best of 1,200#.

12/29 and 30:  Bumper competed in the Cudahy KC Rally trials.  He picked up Triple Qs #16 and 17
as well as placing 1st in Masters on the 2nd day, 3rd in Excellent, and 1st in Advanced.  

November 2018

11/10 At the Medallion Rottweiler Club All-Breed Agility trials, Nellie completed her Excellent
Jumpers Preferred title (AJP)--all runs earned 1st place!

11/23 At the Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club trials, we had a HUGE day!  Lucy
completed her Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title with a 3rd and 4th placement in huge classes.  
Her daughter Nellie completed her Rally Excellent (RE) title and earned her first RAE leg.  She was
5th place in Advanced B, one placement and one point behind her mother.  Copper also completed
his Rally Excellent title, taking 1st place in Excellent A in the first trial and earning his first RAE
leg in the second trial!  

11/30/18  The Rally National Championship qualifying period has ended. Bumper has qualified in
the Championship class for the 2019 AKC Rally National Championship to be held in Tulsa,
Oklahoma in March!

October 2018

Mid October at the Sheboygan trial, Bumper picked up triple Q #12 and points toward the Rally

2018 AMCA Regional and National Specialties in Orlando, FL

Sunday, Regional weight pull:  61-80# class, in 1st place was Ivy, 2nd was Lucy, 3rd was Nellie, and
in the 81-100# class 4th was Chrome for another WWPDA leg.  
Monday, Regional Sweepstakes:  Bumper 1st in the 8-10 year old class and Best of Opposite Sex in
Veteran Sweeps.  Lucy was 3rd in the 10-12 year class.  She left her coat at home.  Chrome was 3rd
in the Bred By Exhibitor class.
Tuesday, Regional Rally trial:  Winner  of Excellent A was Nellie for her first leg.  Bumper won
Masters, Excellent B, and Advanced B to pick up his 13th Triple  Q, High Triple Score, and High
Combined Score in Adv and Exc.  
Wednesday, National Rally trial:  Winner of Excellent A was again Nellie.  Bumper won Masters
and High Triple Score.  In both Excellent B and Advanced B the placements were the same:  1st
place to Lucy, 2nd to Ivy, and 3rd to Bumper.  Lucy took home the High Combined award for RAE
leg #9 and a ribbon as tall as the dog!  
Thursday, National weight pull:  What a lucky person I am to have a dog I can take off the shelf
and say "Hey, let's go win this."  Lucy, at 10.5 years of age won a small but quality 61-80# class.  
She is all heart.  She also won this class last year at both the Regional and National.  2nd in the
class and no slouch herself was Ivy, 3rd was Nellie.  Chrome was 4th in the 81-100# class.  Then
we went home :)

September 2018

9/1/18  Nellie completed her AG2 title at the Bark River UKC club agility trials.  

9/22/18 Bumper again WON the High Triple Qualifying score over a lot of competition.  He was
tied on score but was faster as usual.  He also won a large Advanced B class with a perfect score.  
Triple Q #11 and his RM2 title.

August 2018

8/10/18  At the K9 Obedience Club Rally Trial, Bumper picked up Triple Q #10 and his RAE2 title.  

8/25/18  At the Elgin Kennel Club conformation show, Ivy FINISHED her AKC Championship and
went Best of Opposite!

8/26/18  At the Elgin Kennel Club conformation show, Ivy came out for the first time as a special
and was Best of Opposite for her first major toward her Grand Championship.  

July 2018

7/7/18 At the Western Waukesha  County Dog Training Club agility trials, Nellie completed both
her Open Standard and Open Jumpers Preferred titles.  Chrome completed his Novice FAST
Preferred title.  All 1st placements!  

7/28/18 At the Waukesha Kennel Club Rally trial, Copper was 1st place in the Excellent A class. He
earned one of the highest scores of the day and was one of only a couple "survivors" in his class.  It
was a tough venue but he did well!  His score was good enough to qualify for the Rally National
Championship, just needs two more.

June 2018

6/10/18  At the Milwaukee Dog Training Club trial, Buster earned his final leg for his  Rally Novice
title at 11 years of age!  GP earned his first Rally Advanced leg.

6/24/18  At the Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club Rally trial, GP earned his 2nd Rally Advanced leg.  
Bumper took High Triple Score and picked up another triple Q toward the Rally Championship.

6/25/18 At the Western Waukesha County Dog Training Club Rally trial, GP earned his Rally
Advanced Title.  

May 2018

5/5/18  At the Janesville-Beloit Rally trial, Bumper picked up another High Triple Score and 1st
place in Masters.  Layla picked up her first Rally Advanced leg and a third placement.  Buster
picked up his second Rally Novice leg and a third placement as well.   Buster and Layla are 11 year
old littermates--who said old dogs can't do new things?!
October 2019

September 2019

Nellie won @ FON, GP 2nd in class 2x, Tuuli.  

August 2019

Lucy AG2

Bumper RM3, Grace RN, Copper first triple and placement

July 2019

Chrome WD spec, Reserve.  Lu and Ivy 11+ and Working bitch.  Made cut.  Ivy RAE leg.

WWCDTC trial, Nellie

June 2019

Chrome first points at MI, Lu 2nd in the class (nell?)

May 2019

Lucy and Chrome at MWAM

April 2019

March 2019

February 2019

January 2019

Lucy AG1

Bumper trialing