UKC Agility 2, UKC Rally Obedience 1
Powderhound's Over And Over Again
d.o.b. 8/1/2014

RO3 AG2 AKC/UKC CH Powderhound's Silver Lining WWPDX WTD WPD RM3 RAE2 CGCA CGCU
U-HIT AG2 RO2 U-CH Powderhound's Blaze of Glory WWPDX WTD WPD RAE NAP CGCA CGCU


Nellie's OFA Clearance page here          Embark DNA tested      Non-carrier of Polyneuropathy (Tested)
Carrier of the long coat gene
Nellie's first 'run' on the team.  While we only took her a very short way, her tugline was tight the
whole time and she was very good to mind her manners and not bump into Uncle Vinnie.  She is
almost 5 months old.  In lead is her mother, Lucy.  (Dec 2014)
6 months
Nellie at the 2015 AMCA National Weight Pull in Sturbridge, MA
In her first three pulls, she has earned 3 legs toward her WWPD title.
Jan 2016:  She has gotten the 4th leg!  New title!
16mos old, playing the role of "Big Sister" to her mother's litter.
Nellie just adores these babies and hangs out with them all the time.

March 2016 ~ Nellie finishes out her first weight pull season with 3 WWPDA legs and Top Body
Percentage pulled for the AMCW 2015-2016 season at over 42x her body weight!

May 2016 ~ Nellie finished her WWPDA title at the GLAMC pulls in Michigan AND took top
percentage pulled at over 27x her body weight.

June 2016 ~ Nellie competed in her first rally trials at the WWCDTC trials.  She was 3rd place
both days in Rally Novice with scores of 93 and 94.

September 2016 ~ Nellie competed in her first agility trials at the Greater Racine KC trials.  She
earned her first leg toward her Novice Agiliy Preferred title

September 2016 ~ Nellie completed her Working Pack Dog title!

October 2016 ~ Nellie finished her Rally Novice title at the Alaskan Malamute Club of America's
Regional Specialty during National week in Colorado Springs.  Her scores earn her a trip to the
AKC's Rally National in Perry, GA for 2017!

June 2017 ~ Nellie completes her Rally Advanced Title

October 2017 ~ Nellie completed the WWPDX title, earning her mother Lucy the ROMWDX

October 2018 ~ Nellie was 3rd in the 61-80# classes at the AMCA Regional and National Weight
pulls in Orlando, FL.  She was 1st in Rally Excellent A for both the Regional and National as
well.  She went on to earn her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and Trick Dog Novice (TKN) titles.  

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At the GLAMC weight
pulls in Michigan, May
almost 2 years
Nellie, pulling approximately 42x her body weight.
Nellie, at the 2016 AMCA National Weight Pull in Colorado Springs
Nellie represented the breed at the AKC Agility Invitational held in Orlando, FL in December
2020. She had two clear runs, a qualifying score and points in Time2Beat the day before the
invitational, and even her not clear runs were still something to be proud of.  Go Nellie!
At the 2019 Alaskan Malamute Club of America in Topeka, KS, Nellie took home the
High Score Preferred award AND took home the High Triple Score in Rally for the
National trial.
Teaching the next generation:

Nellie running lead with her daughter
Zenny (left) and her half-brother GP
(above).  Nellie's daughter Waffle is in
wheel in both photos.

This was the first time for both puppy
girls but their mother and uncle are
teaching them good habits to enhance
their natural born ability.  They did a
great job!

December 2020