AMCA 2007 National Specialty Agility Trial
Ixonia, WI
**Please know I'm making every attempt to have the names right, there were errors in the catalog!**
This page may take a while to load, it's very graphic intensive!  I'm also still trying to I.D. some dogs, please be patient.
Tanu Kindred Spirit at Modar RE CD NA NAJ, a.k.a. Arwah
Owner Handled:  Mary Swinyer
Kloud Burst's Bound To Be Granite RN (veteran dog),
a.k.a. Ashlar
Owner Handled:  Laura Heft
Nanuke's Take It To The Bank CD RN WPD OAP OJP OFP,
a.k.a. Ashley
Owner handled:  Wendy Corr (also W. Corr & S. D'Andrea)
Mtn. Home's Aura Of Arctic Dawn CD RE MX MXJ, a.k.a. Aura
Owner Handled:  Raissa Hinman
Kloud Burst's I'll Be Your Everything CD RE, a.k.a. BeeGee
Owner handled:  Barbara Pisch
Spiritrun's Uppin' The Ante, a.k.a. Deuce
Owner handled: Colleen Belanger (also David Belanger)
Arctic-Knight's Sunset Blaze WWPD RN, a.k.a. Blaze
Handler: Kim Christiansen (Owner: Mark Christiansen, Kris Kerr)
BISS Ch. Malaczar's The Jokes On You CD RN OAP OJP,
a.k.a. Joker.  Owner handled: Eddie Price (also Connie
Jankowski and Jaquita Lind)
Sno Shire's Winter Sno Spirit, a.k.a. Callie
Owner handled: Rick Carter (also Debbie Carter)
Spirit Run's Mischief Maker, a.k.a. Loki
Owner handled: Jennifer Kasten (also Neil Bristol)
A'Knight's Campfire N McKinley WWPD, a.k.a. Mack
Owner handled: Mark Christiansen (also Kim Christiansen)
Kasaan's Yr Wish Is Granite NAJ NAP NJP, a.k.a. Rhya
Owner handled:  Laura Heft (also Bonnie McMahon)
Vindicator's Mischief Maker WWPDX WPD CGC, a.k.a. Wookie
Owner Handled:  Dustin Smyka-Warner
Powderhound's On The Other Hand WWPDX WWPD CGC, a.k.a. Travis
Owner Handled:  Rachel Banks (also Dustin Smyka-Warner)
Colleen's Mystic Black Diamond, a.k.a. Mystic
Owner Handled:  Colleen Belanger
Benchmark My Blue Heaven II, a.k.a. Sky
Owner Handled:  Tanja Gube
Aesir's Granite On Ice RN NAP NJP WTD WWPD FFX-AG (veteran dog), a.k.a. Stony
Owner handled:  Laura Heft
Ch. Sno Shire's Dealmein Sno Spirit OA OXJ, a.k.a. Stryder
Owner Handled:  Debbie Carter (also Rick Carter)
Dc Mal Rebel Alliance WWPD CD NAJ NA RA, a.k.a. Zayk
Owner Handled:  Kim Manassa (also Joe Wieczorek)
MACH U-UD Mtn. Home's Goldsmoke UDX2 WTD WLD WWPD (veteran bitch), a.k.a. Sister
Owner Handled:  Raissa Hinman