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5/3/07 ~ 11/7/2020

OFA:  AM-12908G39F-VPI       CERF:   AM-3034      CHD: Certifiable under the most recent scheme  PN non-carrier
9 weeks
First agility class, learning the
'ladder' to gain awareness of
her body.  7/07
First time pull training.......
   First real dog show.............
                              First real weight pull harness.........
First Birthday, First Weight Pull....
And the next day,
she earned her first WWPDX leg
AND 2nd place in her weight class!
Following in mom's pawprints....


Layla earned her first Novice FAST leg as well as her second Standard leg toward her Novice Agility title and
the next day she FINISHED her Novice Agility (NA) title and got a second leg toward her FAST title.  
Watch the
video of her and brother Travis' runs!


Layla had a FANTASTIC week at the AMCA Regional and National in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  She WON the
61-80# class at BOTH weight pulls, continuing the tradition.  She also earned a "Q" and a First placement in
Open for each of the Agility trials. Her daughters Pinkers and Gia also qualified for their CGCs!


Layla was 1st place for the 2011-2012 AMCW weight pull season for the 61-80# class.


Layla went to the Michigan weight pulls and is only Bella's second offspring (and first daughter) to pull over
3,000#.  She pulled 3,058# to set a NEW FEMALE AMALAPAC RECORD, pulling over 40x her body weight.

Layla again went to Michigan and THIS TIME she and half-sister Lucy wowed us all by pulling 4,000# to
shatter the prior record!

Layla was 1st place for the 2012-2013 AMCW weight pull season for the 61-80# class.  She also took Top Weight
Pulled Malamute (3,010#) and Top Percentage Pulled Malamute (37.62x her body weight)

Layla's kids have been hitting the weight pull chute and dog shows--so far Layla's following in her mother's
footsteps in that already she has 3 kids with their WWPD and two more on the verge of finishing theirs!

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NEWS page for further updates!
Above:  Layla, age 2
Fond du Lac All-Breed Agility
Finishing her WWPDX at the Regional!
October 2009
14 months of age at the Wisconsin Specialty
July 2008
June 2010
Layla's record setting pull!
From the Rally ring....
...to the weight pull chute.

Layla showed her versatility at the
AMCA National, literally running
straight from an AKC National Rally
trial qualifying performance to the
weight pull where she landed in the
ribbons once again!
Layla...What to say?  She joined us at the 2016 Alaskan Malamute Club of America Regional and National Specialties in Colorado Springs,
CO.  We had two goals:  earn her Rally Novice title and put in a good showing at the weight pulls.  She's 9.5 years old and had a light
summer.  On the way out, we hit a Rally trial in Missouri where she earned a 96 out of 100.  Mind you, she doesn't live or train with me.  I
worked her in my kitchen before we left for about 5 minutes and then a quick warm-up before our first trial in Missouri.    Her primary
owner, Dustin, has played obedience games with her and has trialed her in agility and she's smart enough to carry that over.  From there,
we went on to Colorado Springs.  

Sunday was the Regional pull.  Layla completely impressed us by putting in an excellent effort to place 2nd in the 81-100# class with a pull
of 2,832#.  Tuesday was our second rally trial as a part of the Regional.  She was 3rd place with a score of 94 (her neice, Nellie, was 2nd).  
Wednesday was the National Rally trial AND the National Weight pull.  Layla showed her versatility that day by going from straight from
one to another.  In the National Rally trial, she completed her Rally Novice title with another score of 94 for 3rd place.  We jetted out to the
weight pull.  I made a strategic mistake and passed her when I shouldn't--it may or may not have cost us a placement but I'm still thrilled
with her performance.  She was 4th place in the 81-100# class with a pull of 2,372#.  It was such a treat working her.  I've only weight
pulled her once before this (and she won over super competition).

Below:  We took her to Garden of the Gods for a 'photo shoot'.  She is pictured with her nephew, Chromie, Powderhound N ArcticThunder's
Light 'Em Up.  Also:  Layla in Rally Novice and in the weight pull.
October 2016