Storm Kloud's Kkrazy Cheyenne
10-31-1998 ~ 2-11-2012

Multi BIS BISS American/Canadian/Isreali
Ch. Storm Kloud's Corner the Market
Ch. Storm Kloud's At It Again WTDX WLDX WWPD ROM  
1994 All-Malamute Iditarod Team Member
A credit to the bloodline from which she comes, Kita placed
3rd in the Working Dog Showcase at the 2002 AMCA National
in Sacremento, CA.  She scored just 2 points less than the best
of breed winner (a cousin) and 1 point behind her littermate
sister who was best of opposite.
Age 8, 11/2006
Kita (left) and Beamer on the take off, both 8 years
old here.  Lapham Peak, winter 06-07
Kita earned her CGC at the 2007 National Specialty
She had a really really long day that day so I'm thrilled she did
so well!
Racine lake shore, 8/08
She's almost 10 years
Kita's pictured here with her favorite nephew, Ikey, on the
shore of Lake Michigan in August of 2008.  She will be 10 at
Halloween (2008).  We're having fun showing her as a
Veteran--watch for her in a specialty this fall!  She still goes
out with the team and attends weight pulls.
Just shy of her 10th birthday Miss Kita went Best of Opposite Sex Veteran
Sweeps at the Monroe KC show September 2008!!
Kita (left) at the
2003 National
Weight Pull.  Age 5.

Kita (right) after a
short run in Spencer
Park in the Winter
of 2001/2002.
Age 3.5
Kita weight pulling on snow.  Klondike days, 2005, Eagle River.
Photo by Bob Russell.
Our first trip to Camp Nicolet.  Kita's on the far side, Beamer is nearest.
Age 3
Photo by Bob Russell.

Their last run together and some things never change:  Beamer mugs for the camera while Kita concentrates on the road
Age 11 anyone
who will listen.
AMCA National 2003
First WWPD leg!!!
Pet World Madison Pull
First of many of these
18 mos of age.
Spring 2000
Kita swimming with new
baby Bella.
Spring 2002
Headed home:
Kita in lead.
Camp Nicolet,
Eagle River, WI
Kita at age 11 having a good day!
Kita was the beginning of it all.
When the dog show came to Belvidere every year my bosses encouraged me to go watch since someday I thought I might like
to show dogs.  I went every year, bought a catalog, and I'd watch the mals along with some of the other working breeds.  
When it was time to get my own dog I looked online at breeders for each of the breeds I really liked and I remembered the
Storm Kloud kennel name. In Spring of 2000 I contacted Nancy looking for a young adult dog.  We drove up to meet Kita
(who had a different name), a dog who was returned because her owners couldn't keep her anymore.  A couple weeks later
she came home with me.  I ran her in front of my bike soon after I got her, a few months later we went to our first weight
pull, and a few months later came the second malamute because after all, no one can really ever have just one...  
Without her, the others don't exist as they are known today, some of them
never would have existed at all.  Neither would the life we lead today.  
She was truly the beginning...