Freight Racing Team
Odder, Thunder, Tavar, RooBee
Istari's Gnome or Gnukes, Istari's Sno-Trekkin
Istari's Tavarin Ent-R-Prize, Odder
Camp Nicolet
Eagle River
Leaders Auryn and Iluvatar, then sisters Trilogee and Tuvee, then
sisters Evfuron and Quoth, and wheel dogs Rivan and JRR.

There are only two males on this team
The Istari teams
over time...
Leaders Auryn and Pfalkor, swing dogs Inkee
and Myst, wheel dogs Emrys and Onya
Leaders Myst and Auryn, swing dogs Rivan and Quoth,
wheel dogs Emrys and Onya
Spren and Trilo