Powderhound's The Ike-Man Cometh

3/30/05 ~ 1/24/2014

OFA Excellent

Ch. Storm Kloud's Rrio De Dinero WWPDX
Before the age of 2:
*earned AMCA's WTD, WPD, WWPD, & WWPDX titles
*WON the 2006 AMCA Regional weight pull Under 80 class
*2nd in the 2006 AMCA National weight pull Under 80 class
*WON the 2007 Old Highlander weight pull Under 80 class                
*3rd in AMCW's 2006-2007 weight pull standings Under 80 class (rookie year)

2007 National week was a big one for Ike!
Ike *WON* the 2007 AMCA Regional weight pull Under 80 class
Took 4th in the Octoberfest pull during National week (Brother Vinnie Won)
Ike WON the 2007 AMCA National weight pull Under 80 class!

4/12/08 Ike won the Under 80# class AND Top % at the GLAMC weight pull   
4/13/08 Ike won the Under 80# class at the GLAMC weight pull
4/19/08 Ike placed 2nd for the AMCW 2007-2008 weight pull season!


Well, if the 2007 National was a big week for Ike, then the
2008 National/Regional week was HUGE!

Sunday, Ikey WON his class at the Regional weight pull--3rd year running!
Wednesday, Ikey WON his class at the National weight pull--2nd year running AND WON Highest Percentage of Body Weight Pulled!!  
These were his first pulls on grass
Wednesday night Ikey placed 4th in the Working Dog Showcase, judged by Sue Fuller, Jamie Nelson, and Erna Hartveld-Upmeijer!  See
how his brother did!

The 2009 Regional/National
Ikey remains undefeated in Regional weight pulls!  He won a class of 25.  At the National, he placed third in a class about the same size.

October 2010
Ikey was 2nd place in the AMCA Regional and National pulls for the 61-80# weight class

April 2011
Ikey was 2nd place for the 2010-2011 AMCW weight pull season in the 61-80# class AND Top % pulled Alaskan Malamute at 39.01x his
body weight!

October 2011
Ikey was 3rd in the 81-100# class at both the AMCA Regional and National weight pulls,  2nd for Regional Novice Rally, and 3rd for
National Novice Rally.

November 2011
Ikey pulled a new personal best of 3368#, setting a new record for the AMALAPAC weight pulls in Michigan.  He is Bella's second kid to
breach 3,000#.

March 2012
Ikey earned his Rally Novice (RN) title!

April 2012
Ikey ranked in the Top 10 for agility in 2011 and is in the Top 10 for Rally Novice for the first quarter of 2012 (AMCA stats)

Sadly in January 2014 we had to say good bye to Ikey due to post operative complications.  It's so unfair, we still had plans.  We are
completely heartbroken at the loss.
Photo sent to us by Leesa Thomas,
age 19 mos
Ike (left) and Vinnie hang out on their favorite perch:  the picnic
table on the deck overlooking the dog yard.  Winter 07.
June 2008
Ikey having fun at
the lake, diving in
Labrador-style and
then getting some
exercise behind the
golf cart
August 2008
Ikey with his favorite aunt, Kita, on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Ike was 3.5 years, Kita was almost 10.
He adored her.
Ikey with 'little' brother
Buster 8/08
See Ikey's first run on a public agility course!  This too was part of the Waukesha County Pet Expo on September 6.  
For a small donation anyone had the opportunity to try their dog on the course.

This was maybe his third time on any course, his handler didn't know where she was going, and he encountered
obstacles he'd never seen before.

First run:  did ok til the chute, he slowed down so I lifted the end and called him.  Didn't want to do the tire jump, not
so hot on the weaves, didn't want to do the dog walk.   He was never asked to try the teeter because he'd never tried
and it should be done with care.

Second run:  vastly improved!  Did everything but the teeter and again, he wasn't asked to try it.  He did it under

YouTube video here
The Alaskan Malamute Club of America National Specialty 2008, held in
Olympia, Washington in November.
Weight pulls at GLAMC
pull in May 2009.  Ikey
won his class there.

Right:  Ikey leads brother
Vinnie and sister Lucy on a
run.  He's turning into a
pretty good lead dog!
Ikey at the Blitzen/International Kennel Club Agility Trial, February 2010.  
Thank you to Pet-Personalities.com for this incredible picture!
Ikey was alway's Kita's favorite.

He was the only one who dared to pick at her.
She'd snark, expecting him to submit.
He'd lick her face in play, totally taking the wind out of her sails.
2011 Working dog showcase
2010 Working Dog Showcase
May 2012, age 7

Showing in Veteran Sweeps
Ever the goofball
Winner, 2007 AMCA National and Regional Pulls 61-80# weight