International Kennel Club Dog
February 2008
Puppy girls:
Cindy and Furgie, Andrea and Ethyl
Kimmy and Jacob
Puppy class:  it's about having fun!
Patty and puppy
Miss Martina
Kimmy and Sandra
Buster puppy, standing still
Andrea and puppy girl Miss Ethyl
Best of Breed competition:
Jake, Player, and Winners' Dog
and Jake kid, Diesel.
Tammy and Stetson the in Groups
Mom and puppy boy Buster
Lisa and Miss Charm in BOB.
See, puppy Buster CAN stand still!
Best of Breed Competition: Tammy with Stetson, Sandra with Kimmy, Katie and Jacob, Laura with
Player, Andrea with Winners Dog Diesel, and Bev with Winners Bitch Nilla.
Tammy in the group with
A truly International entry,
Ivan and Priscilla from
Another International entry:  Miss
Nilla is visiting from Japan!