Starts with obtaining a quality dog.  This expense has NOT been factored in.  Expect $1500-2000
for that.  And if that dog doesn't turn out, factor in another $1500-2000 for a second.

~Pre-breeding health screenings.  

Depending upon where you live, and whether sedation is used, hip radiographs may run $150-300.  
More and more breeders are checking elbows at the same time, so that's an additional $50-100.  
OFA charges $35 to rate hips, $40 to rate hips and elbows.  

In the Alaskan Malamute, reputable breeders screen their breeding dogs for Polyneuropathy.  
Depending upon the lab, that's $40-50

Cardiac clearances:  Usually $35-50 for the exam and $15 to list with OFA

Eye clearances:  Usually $35-50 for the exam and $12 for the initial submission, $8 each
additional.  Eye exams are an annual occurrence.

Additional testing is available but the above are the most common for this breed.

Brucellosis --should be done before each new breeding  $50-80 per test.

If you don't live near the male, you can expect to do progesterones at $80-160 each.  Typically
they're done every 2-3 days for about two weeks.  Not included in the running total, this will be in
the 'optional' below.

~ Breeding costs

Stud fee in our breed these days is typically $1500-2000.  Potentially more if you're using frozen,
which will require a vet visit.  This will be in the "optional" below.

Travel.  Since that is so variable, it will not be accounted for in a dollar amount but it's somewhat
uncommon for the right dog to be nearby.  

Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.  $75-150 typically.

X-rays about a week before the puppies are due.  $100-200 typically.

Whelping box:  Now, you can build your own for about $100.  There are pre-fab boxes for about

Vinyl flooring for beneath the whelping box.  We prefer to have it go to the size of the room to make
it more convenient and hygenic when the puppies graduate from the whelping box.  The bottom of it
is padded for their comfort and the top has a little bit of a grip to it for their benefit.  $100 each litter.

Puppy food.  This is quite variable depending upon litter size.  We raw feed and it's hard to pick out
how much the puppies go through vs the adults but all of the puppies not staying at the house are
introduced to kibble before they leave.  I estimate a 4 puppy litter is about $70/week to feed for the
last 4 weeks we have them.  

Hard to account for but worth mentioning:  cleaning supplies, laundry detergent.  We go through a
lot of both while raising a litter.  

~Proving the dogs in some area

THIS is extremely variable.  NONE of the below takes into account the EXTENSIVE travelling we
have done.  An AKC Championship is estimated to cost $3000-5000 on average.  So take Bumper
for example: RO3 AG2 UKC/AKC Ch Powderhound's Silver Lining WWPDX WTD WPD CGCA RAE

AKC CH                    $3000-5000 (didn't keep track of every show)  
UKC CH                    $150
RN/RA/RE/RAE  $725
RO1/RO2/RO3       $225
AG1/AG2                   $300  (we didn't Q every time)
NAP/OAP                 ~$300 (we didn't Q every time)
NJP/OJP                   ~$400 (we didn't Q every time)
NFP/OFP                ~$200 (qualified most of the time)
WWPD                        $48
WWPDA                     >$100 (didn't qualify every pull)
WWPDX                     >$100 (rarely qualified)
WTD/WPD                ~90
TKN                                $20
VAM/AAAM               $40
Titles currently
in progress                ~$700 and still going

TOTAL:   $6,458-8,458+
Again, this is fees for entries or specifically attached to the event.  This does not take into account
travel.  We have competed almost very literally coast to coast and many places inbetween.  

The above also does not factor in the equipment necessary to carry out some of this:  harnesses
($20-65 each), lines, sled ($400), carts ($200-400), backpacks ($40-60), training class (my club
fees are $160/year plus $10/dog/session for agility),  tack box/leads/grooming
table/dryer/towels/show clothes/etc for conformation (all told, probably $1000+ easy), a few
agility jumps and at minimum, stick in the ground weave poles.
Running total