The agility page....
This page will be updated as the dogs progress through their agility careers.

7/09 Travis finished his Novice Jumpers AND his Novice Agility title with 2 first placements and 2 perfect scores!
11/09 Travis finished his Novice FAST title!

Layla is trialing as well, finishing both her Novice Agility and Novice Jumpers titles!  She has two legs toward her FAST.

Both are owned/co-owned with Dustin Warner and Rachel Banks, who train them

Ikey and Lucy have begun training, Ikey's first trial was October
Buster's first time!
Buster's first time!
Ikey did the whole course!
2012 AMCA Regional and National Specialty trials --they were a success!!
Ikey had an excellent time
Regional Jumpers -- 2nd place
National Jumpers -- 1st place, perfect score!

New Novice Jumpers Preferred Title!
Also for the National Trial he was awarded High Score Preferred
Bumper, running at roughly 3 times the speed of sound, picked up his first and second Novice FAST legs at the Regional and
National trials.  
He took first place in both trials