Klondike Days, Eagle River
February 15-17, 2008
Broker screaming, Broker being quiet
on his own, and Broker being
manually silenced!  He's a goofball.
Andrea and her Alaskans
In the Back, brothers Butchie and
Sundance cuddled up together.  A cute
Alaskan in the foreground.
One of the cute little finches who was
flirting with distaster.  One landed on an
Alaskan's tail!
Sweet little Grainy
Grendel, who nearly had a finchy snack when
one landed on his tail.
The Famous "J"
The Istari bunch:  Rivan, Pfalkor, Illuvitar, Epic, Emrys, Orin, JRR.  Xeth is being walked.
More of the Famous J
Little Miss Jazz