Harnischfager Park Sled Demo
February 9, 2008
Vinnie and Buster race the horsies with Mom
Ike and Beamer having a good time
Mack and Blaze with Kim
Hang on!  Ike and Kita take
Kim and the boys had a good run
Dasher, Wicket, and Shyla trying to figure out what
those huge brown things are doing....
Smoke, with new haircut, and Buster take a spin with mom.
Vinnie and Buster with mom, followed by Kim and the boys
The take off!  Vinnie and nekkid Bella lead, Ike and Buster are in
swing, and Beamer and Kita are in wheel.  Mom's in the sled.
Mack and Blaze ready for their close-up!
Coming back, the 6 dog team.  This is the first time
Buster has run with this whole group.
Mark running the boys.
The fluffy one!
Trouble, more trouble, and most trouble!
Dasher, Shyla, and Wicket just too cute!
Mom taking off with Smoke and Buster