Custom Weight Pull Harnesses
The fit is everything!

We first started making harnesses in 2004.  I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine but once I
learned about PROPER neck fit it became evident to me that I needed better harnesses.  Initially I bought a
proper one from a local person because he did an excellent job but then he got out of dogs altogether.  I used
what I learned from him and others to begin construction on my own harnesses.  Each harness is carefully
constructed to ensure the best fit possible.  Our harnesses have been tested several times to over 3,600#
without issue and are completely machine washable once you remove the spreader bar.  Our oldest harnesses
are approximately 6 years old and are as solid and the colors as vibrant as the new harnesses.

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These harnesses are also suitable for use when running the dogs in team.
Peace signs, navy camo, black/white
zebra, royal, and yellow tie dye
Blue tie-dye, dark blue camo, light blue
camo, navy stars
Green/navy camo, dark blue, blue
clouds, aqua.
Brown optical, black/white
houndstooth, black polka dot, orange
Black/white zebra, red-orange,
purple/pink squares, pink polka-dot,
pink/black zebra.
Leopard, purple/brown geometric,
Tinkerbelle, blaze orange.
Lime green, hunter, green tie-dye, teal
Heather, tan, charcoal, magenta
Pink ballet, pink hearts, pink camo,
pink floral
Purple tie-dye, purple
Orange, red paw print, multi-stripe,
Hunter green (doesn't photograph true),
purple, navy, royal
Pink, red, yellow, hunter green, royal, purple
Also available: camo (see below), orange, kelly green,
light blue, silver.
Proper measuring
The neck measure is most critical. Too small and your dog chokes when he puts his head down to pull, to large and it
impedes his shoulder movement.

Set your dog in a show stack. Measure from the top of the breastbone up the side of the neck, through the hair as close to
the skin as possible, to the place in front of the shoulders on the spine.** Repeat a couple times on both sides to verify that
you’re getting the same number consistently and on both sides. This number will likely be between 12 and 15 inches—
greater or less for very very large or small dogs. **My harnesses are designed to be very tight to the skin. You will have
to pull the scruff and 'dewlap' through the harness so it fits very close to the skin. It will seem too tight at first but it is not.
"Average" for at standard sized male (25", 85#) for example is a 26" neck and 34-36" length.
Next measure will be from the top of the breast bone (point A above), down under the front leg (point B), and along the
side to just behind the back legs (point C).** Like with the neck, repeat a few times on both sides to ensure consistency.
On most dogs this measurement is 31-37 inches. Obviously if this measurement is too short the dog will be
uncomfortable in the harness and it will not rest properly behind the dog. Too long, and the dog risks stepping through
the back of the harness causing an injury or the bar smacks them on the hock joint—very uncomfortable.

Above is pretty well ideal rear fit.  It should be long enough to comfortably put the tail through but not so long as to
allow the dog to step out.  It's not as tight as it looks, given the hair on the dog I can get almost a full hand in sideways
(so, approx 3" from the dog's body to the bar).
Some past orders
Pink w/ black & white zebra
Royal w/ red
Camo w/ purple
Pink w/ pink zebra
Royal w/ blaze orange

This harness is over 5
years old in the photo.
Royal w/ magenta
Royal w/ teal
Light blue w/ blue camo
One of our more popular,
purple w/ black & white zebra
Kelly green w/ yellow tie-dye
Black w/ leopard
Purple w/ charcoal
Purple w/ lime green

I love this on a dark gray dog!
Royal w/ flames
(special order)
Red w/ navy & white stars
3 of our harnesses in the UK!
We are always getting more
colors so keep checking back!
Yellow/purple tiger, silver snow
leopard, slate purple, orange flame,
red flame, magenta zebra.
Red and Red Flame
Purple and Silver Snow leopard
Navy and navy stars
Pink and purple/brown
Green and white

(Michigan fans)
Royal and navy camo
Medium blue (limited qty) and
blue tie dye
Light blue and funky
Royal and lime green
Royal with Black polka dot
Pink with purple/pink squares
Purple with yellow/purple tiger
Some of the harnesses in action